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Oiffical Growing Pains teaser #1 by RobinHeartbear11 Oiffical Growing Pains teaser #1 :iconrobinheartbear11:RobinHeartbear11 4 0
EP 1, scene 1
-You're wrong.
-You're so wrong
-You did this to us.
-You're the reason why we're like this.
(Quickly wakes up, sweating)
-... I keep having that dream... It's literally the same words over and over... (She sighs) It's probably just some recurring nightmare
:iconrobinheartbear11:RobinHeartbear11 2 3
Kinky puppet icon by RobinHeartbear11 Kinky puppet icon :iconrobinheartbear11:RobinHeartbear11 3 0
Be Prepared - Corruption version
I can tell that your power to be resentful
Is as dim as a dying light
But thick as you are, PAY ATTENTION
This mission shall be dangerous, so be careful
But it's clear from your horrid expressions
You're attempting to shut out from what's up there
But we're talking gods and successions
Even YOU can't be caught unaware
So prepare for the chance of a lifetime
Be prepared for sensational news
A dark dreary era is tiptoeing nearer
But where do we feature?
Just listen to teacher
I know it it sounds sordid
But you'll be rewarded
When at last I am given my dues!
And injustice deliciously squared
Be prepared!
"Yeah be prepared, we'll all be prepared... For what?"
"For the death of the god of life."
"Why, is he sick?"
"No fool, we're gonna kill him. And that son of his too."
"Great idea, who needs gods? No gods, no gods--"
"IDIOTS, there will BE A GOD!!"
"Ey, but you said uh--"
"I will be a god. Stick with me, and you won't have to worry about Arcayus again!!"
"Yeah, alright!! Long live Arcayus
:iconrobinheartbear11:RobinHeartbear11 3 1
Sock Monkey's origin
I'm guessing you doods are reading this either because it's a post or you're curious. Or your bored. Whatever, I don't really care. But this,... This right here is my origin. This right here is the very essence of where I came from. Read carefully, or you will not understand.
One billion years ago, about a few million years Arcayus, god of life was created, Corruption rose from the HATE and disgust from life forms on Earth, even though he wasn't formed on Earth. From the amount of conflict the life forms were at with one other, Corruption was really powerful when he first formed. He saw the Earth, and Arcayus as well, and hated him. After all, Corruption IS made out of HATE. So he decided to make minions to overthrow Arcayus. He used himself to make Ckazeans, a type of demon who, very recently, eats children. The Ckazeans were made to wreak havoc on Earth, and they nearly succeeded. That is, until Arcayus used his Roar of Time, which destroyed all of them. All of them but me. You see,
:iconrobinheartbear11:RobinHeartbear11 3 0
Growing Pains episode titles maybe?
S1, EP 1:  Fear In Discovering
Tiara finds out that there is something after her friends, thanks to a recurring dream
S1, EP 2: Last Wishes
Enola had a vision where Tiara abandons her
S1, EP 3: The Time Has Begun
Tiara might be in trouble, and all of her friends are worried
S1, EP 4: The Demon Awakens
Enola visits the V.O.I.D., a place where banished creatures sleep, only to discover something horrifying
S1, EP 5: She's Back and She's Gone
When a close ally threatens to leave, an old enemy thrives once more
:iconrobinheartbear11:RobinHeartbear11 3 0
FEAR's first appearance (OLD, WIP)
Earlier that day, the Titans were battling the H.I.V.E. Nothing unusual, really. But during the fight, Enola looked as if she was pushing herself to the limit to fight them off... And that would affect on what happened at the Tower...
Everybody was filing back in the Tower. They won, and the H.I.V.E. was sent to jail, thanks to the team's effort. But Enola was acting... Weird... Well, she usually IS weird, but this weird was weirder. She was sweating and limping when they arrived in the Tower, so she sat down on the couch. "... IT'S OKAY TO GET ANGRY." Enola just blurted out. She sounded like... Insanity. The Titans looked at her to see if Insanity came out, but all they saw was Enola. "SHE USED ME. SHE PUSHED ME TO GIVE HER MORE POWER." That voice sounded different and unfamiliar. It sounded like Insanity, but in a more lighter voice. "... We understand-" "NO, YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!!! I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO LOSE ALL OF MY POWERS AND MY LIFE BECAUSE OF HER ACTIONS!!! ... YOU KNOW WHAT
:iconrobinheartbear11:RobinHeartbear11 3 0
Frilene full bio
Name: Frilene Necrosis
Age: Around a billion years (Presumably 17 in human years)
Height: 5'5"
Eye color: Right pupil is red, left pupil is pink
Hair color: Brown with red, orange and yellow tips at the front
Personality (this'll be very long): Intelligent, vain, evil, arrogant, mysterious, power-hungry, abusive, mean-spirited, cruel, murderous, determined, resentful, selfish, greedy, tyrannical, manipulative, charismatic, sarcastic, cunning, dark, treacherous, opportunistic, calm, eccentric, disrespectful, dramatic, ruthless, bigoted, snarky, rude, short-tempered
Parent(s): Corruption Necrosis
Bio: Frilene was created by Corruption to destroy all the timelines and multiverses created by Arcayus in attempt to ruin him, and Frilene has succeeded thus far. But she got most of her power from Corruption and determination from souls, but when she reached the timeline where the Titans are, she lost power. It is unknown why or how. She is now unable to escape the timeline she is in, apparentl
:iconrobinheartbear11:RobinHeartbear11 3 45
Afraid of nothing wip
Tiara, Enola, P.R. and W.R. were all outside in front of a campfire, talking. Enola has been telling a scary story to everyone for a while, and P.R. is terrified to hear what happens in the story. "Then, there was the grisly knocking on the door. So when he reached out to grasp the doorhandle..." Enola paused, seeing if anyone was reacting. The only person who WAS reacting was P.R., who was shaking like he was sent to Alaska without clothes on. "It stopped." P.R. sighed in relief, until Enola began speaking again. "And then, on the fourth night..." P.R. immediately began shivering again. "OH NU, NOT THE FOURTH NIGHT!!" he gasped. "Again, he heard the knocking. So he reached for the doorhandle, and..." W.R. was coming back with more marshmallows and noticed that Enola was telling a scary story. He reacted by dropping the marshmallows and grabbing Enola. "Would you excuse us for a moment?" P.R. screamed pretty loudly and said "OH, THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME!!" W.R. took Enola pretty far
:iconrobinheartbear11:RobinHeartbear11 4 1
666 deviations - P E N T A G R A M S by RobinHeartbear11 666 deviations - P E N T A G R A M S :iconrobinheartbear11:RobinHeartbear11 13 7 sp00py Flowey by RobinHeartbear11 sp00py Flowey :iconrobinheartbear11:RobinHeartbear11 13 1 .: GETTIN' REAL TIRED OF YOUR SHIT:. by RobinHeartbear11 .: GETTIN' REAL TIRED OF YOUR SHIT:. :iconrobinheartbear11:RobinHeartbear11 14 8 Young Enola by RobinHeartbear11 Young Enola :iconrobinheartbear11:RobinHeartbear11 10 9 OC factoid #6: Enola by RobinHeartbear11 OC factoid #6: Enola :iconrobinheartbear11:RobinHeartbear11 7 0 OC factoid #5: FEAR by RobinHeartbear11 OC factoid #5: FEAR :iconrobinheartbear11:RobinHeartbear11 9 11 OC factoid #4: Insanity by RobinHeartbear11 OC factoid #4: Insanity :iconrobinheartbear11:RobinHeartbear11 8 3


OMG I CANT EVEN... by ZoeThePeridotFox OMG I CANT EVEN... :iconzoetheperidotfox:ZoeThePeridotFox 2 0 Silkie by rufftoon Silkie :iconrufftoon:rufftoon 446 171 Young Beast Boy by rufftoon Young Beast Boy :iconrufftoon:rufftoon 2,565 372 Teen Titans Go by rufftoon Teen Titans Go :iconrufftoon:rufftoon 4,241 315 Fashion Friday - Turkey by BrittyDee Fashion Friday - Turkey :iconbrittydee:BrittyDee 5 3 ROOM BIG by supermegaMLGfreddy ROOM BIG :iconsupermegamlgfreddy:supermegaMLGfreddy 10 5 Fusion Friday | Padparadscha/Aquamarine|Speedpaint by KitsuneZakuro Fusion Friday | Padparadscha/Aquamarine|Speedpaint :iconkitsunezakuro:KitsuneZakuro 302 15 The Incredible Shrinking Rita Loud *COMMISSION* by LaddyLegasus The Incredible Shrinking Rita Loud *COMMISSION* :iconladdylegasus:LaddyLegasus 30 14 Sleeping a class by peridot-the-gem-8 Sleeping a class :iconperidot-the-gem-8:peridot-the-gem-8 11 10 Roxy the plush puppy  by peridot-the-gem-8 Roxy the plush puppy :iconperidot-the-gem-8:peridot-the-gem-8 8 12 Stamp: I feel sorry for them by Azrael-Legna Stamp: I feel sorry for them :iconazrael-legna:Azrael-Legna 76 0 Sister by Kunzite-C Sister :iconkunzite-c:Kunzite-C 11 3 INGRID'S RAINBOW TEARS by LittleMissDevil21 INGRID'S RAINBOW TEARS :iconlittlemissdevil21:LittleMissDevil21 15 21 i have not drawn him in a while oops by infortunatus-artifex i have not drawn him in a while oops :iconinfortunatus-artifex:infortunatus-artifex 5 4 Sonic the hedgehog-Metal sonic by mrredplasmabird12 Sonic the hedgehog-Metal sonic :iconmrredplasmabird12:mrredplasmabird12 6 0 Undertale SOUL - Pastel Pink and Blue (Fanmade) by Ginger-The-Bunny Undertale SOUL - Pastel Pink and Blue (Fanmade) :iconginger-the-bunny:Ginger-The-Bunny 30 8
A: I love it
B: It’s really cute
C: Not a bad ship
D: I’m neutral on it
E: I don’t really like it
N/A: I don’t know the ship well enough and/or I don't have any feelings towards it
x0anime-live0x blackfang-325 DemonGurl34 MissWolfGang Val-Da-Artist-Gal WatermelonGalaxyCat TT-Raven-Roth GoldenGamerSpeedEdit Gojira2017 ExcellentRock peridot-the-gem-8


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Eyyyy wassup

Okay, FYI I DO roleplay.

But there's rules.

•No fetishes
•No 18+ rps
•Nothing that makes me feel uncomfortable basically



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